Authors: Michael Parchman and Scott Cook

Michael Parchman 

Michael Parchman is a senior physician investigator at the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation. For over 20 years his research and work have focused on improving the dissemination and implementation of innovations such as the Chronic Care Model into primary care settings. Dr. Parchman is the Fellowship Director for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded Safety Net Value Champions Fellowship Program. He is responsible for leading the multi-disciplinary team of faculty and fellows, coordinating work with Foundation leaders and collaborators, overseeing and providing input on all aspects of the fellowship training design and overseeing all dissemination activities.

Scott Cook

Dr. Scott Cook is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience serving diverse urban and rural populations with multiple medical, social and economic challenges. He is also experienced in providing integrated behavioral health services in primary care clinics and hospitals. He currently works at University of Chicago Medicine in multiple research, quality improvement and organizational development roles to improve health outcomes for disadvantaged patient populations, and to advance the organization’s diversity, inclusion and equity innovation agenda. Dr. Cook worked for eight years in leadership roles in research, behavioral health, youth services and community services at Howard Brown Health, a clinic that serves diverse communities of varied racial, ethnic, sexual and gender minority identities in Chicago. Dr. Cook was the Deputy Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Finding Answers program from 2005 to 2008. He received his MA and PHD degrees from the University of Missouri in Columbia. He completed his internship at Cook County Stroger Hospital, the major public hospital in Chicago that serves a resilient, multiethnic population.

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