Facilitator's Guide

Rationale for this Module

Our fellows who went through the Value Champion Fellowship emphasized to us repeatedly how important it was to have a deep understanding of the concepts of value and equity and how the two interact with each other. This understanding served them well throughout there project. It grounded them in concepts that informed their conversations with leadership, with their colleagues and with patients. An understanding of how some patients are at risk for “double jeopardy” was an “ah-ha” moment for our fellows, and they shared this insight with others in their clinical setting. Equally important was an expanded understanding of how patients can be harmed by overuse and the domains of harm. Fellows used this concept throughout their project to engage other providers, staff and patients in taking ownership of the overuse problem and taking action to reduce its use.

How to Prepare for this Session

As with most session, it is critical that you read the assigned readings. As you read, note where in the readings there are insights that address the discussion questions above. There is also a recorded webinar on this topic by the authors of this module that you might want to watch to learn more about this topic. Finally, complete the small group exercise below on your own. Take notes in the “Everyday Equity Lens” document about where there might be equity concerns or how the implementation guide fails to address concerns about equity.

Suggested Agenda

  • Welcome and introductions (10 minutes)
  • Discussion of required readings (20 minutes)
  • Case study discussion (20 minutes)
  • Reconvene: Putting it all together (10 minutes)

Small Group Exercise/Case Study

Read the article by Daniel and colleagues: “An Implementation Guide to Reducing Overtreatment of Asymptomatic Bacteruria.” Then use the questions in the “Everyday Equity Lens” document as discussion questions to assess the description of the “Implementation Guide” on page 275 of this article.

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