Project Application

The learnings in this module are relevant to the “Understand Your Project Landscape,” “Build Your Team,” and the “Design and Implement” phases of work in your project workbook.

Patients are stakeholders, so including them in an exploration of your project landscape is critical. Our fellows often found that the patient’s perspective was useful in addressing incorrect assumptions on the part of the clinician who is ordering the overused service, such as the example in the opening quote for this Module. Patients can also provide powerful stories of harm or near harm from an overuse experience as described in the article by Kornstein et al.

These stories can be very useful in conversations when engaging other clinicians in your project. Patients can also be included as an important member of your team. For example, as you design your intervention strategies and plan your activities to reduce the overused service, they sometimes have ideas about how to tailor strategies that lessen patient resistance.

Value Champions Workbook

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