Discussion Questions

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  1. In Christiano and Neimand’s article on “The Science of What Makes People Care,” they name storytelling as one of the top five tools. Can you think of a time when a story changed your mind or helped you develop an opinion about an important issue?
  2. Overuse is often discussed as a result of the U.S.’s fee-for-service system. The Born et al. article is written by a coalition of international campaigns with varying payment structures looking to reduce unnecessary testing. Discuss drivers of unnecessary care for both clinicians and patients? How do you think those drivers affect the stories clinicians and patients tell themselves?
  3. In what ways does trusting your patient make having an overuse discussion easier?
  4. The article by Kelly Rand discusses possible consequences of unnecessary care and poor communication. How do you think listening to patients to hear their story (rather than listening to get the answers to the questions you feel are important as a clinician) will change your interaction dynamic? Do you think your conversation will have different outcomes?


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