ExamView is a software that provides instructors with a wide range of possibilities for creating assessments. These possibilities include:

•             Creating custom quiz questions

•             Creating custom quizzes

•             Creating question banks

•             Importing questions from textbooks

•             Saving all quizzes and questions to their computer

•             Printing all test questions and quizzes.

ExamView is very similar to the methods already used to create quizzes and question banks in KPScholar. Please note that the main difference is ExamView’s increased functionality which gives instructors the ability to print all quizzes and download test questions from textbooks .


This tutorial explains how to use ExamView to download content from textbooks and import them as quiz banks and questions into KPScholar.

To learn how, please watch the ExamView video by clicking play.


Written Directions:

  • Open ExamView
  • Click Create a test from scratch
  • Title the test
  • A blank test appears.
  • If you would like to select all questions from a textbook, click Select, All Questions
  • If you would like to select questions from a textbook using specific search criteria, click Select, By Criteria
  • Once you are done selecting the specific textbook click next.
  • Now your test page is filled with test questions.

Prepare the document for KPScholar

  • Go to File
  • Export
  • Blackboard 5
  • Title the document and fill out the Pool Information
  • Save the document by going to file, save as.


Import the Document into KPScholar

  • Open KPScholar
  • Go to question bank
  • Import
  • Choose Blackboard as the file format
  • Drag the document that was exported from ExamView into KPScholar
  • Click import.

Now the test questions appear under a question bank. You may click the box next to each test question to move them into different question banks.

That’s it!


Please contact the Instructional Innovation and Digital Learning Department if you are interested in downloading ExamView onto your computer. (You must be a full time faculty member to do so). 

Link to ExamView Information: https://www.turningtechnologies.com/products/ExamView?silo=he

Last modified: Friday, 22 January 2016, 12:07 PM