Authors: Michael Parchman & Lorello Palazzo

Lorello Palazzo

Lorella Palazzo is a sociologist who focuses on health care. She has used both quantitative and qualitative methods to research health disparities, health workforce trends, and how alternative modes of healing are being integrated into delivery systems.

Dr. Palazzo is supporting the development and delivery of the Taking Action on Overuse change package training, as well as taking an active role in learning from partner sites and co-authoring related publications.

In addition to Taking Action on Overuse, Dr. Palazzo focuses on optimizing care delivery and improving access to health services by evaluating innovative programs at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute to help ensure that patients, doctors, and staff all have the best possible care experience.

Michael Parchman

Michael Parchman is a senior physician investigator at the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation. For over 20 years his research and work have focused on improving the dissemination and implementation of innovations such as the Chronic Care Model into primary care settings. Dr. Parchman is the Fellowship Director for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded Safety Net Value Champions Fellowship Program. He is responsible for leading the multi-disciplinary team of faculty and fellows, coordinating work with Foundation leaders and collaborators, overseeing and providing input on all aspects of the fellowship training design and overseeing all dissemination activities.

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