Facilitator's Guide

Rationale for this module

It is important for learners to have practical examples of strategies used by earlier value champions in their projects to engage providers, staff and patients to reduce an overused service. It is also important for them to remember that there may be other strategies they might also consider.

How to Prepare for this Module

Read through the PowerPoint slides from the Fellows who participated in our fellowship program describing their overuse reduction project. There are two slides in each slide deck that might be most relevant to this topic: “Early Critical Steps” and “Strategies Used” that will be the focus of the discussion questions. In addition, there are six short recorded presentations by the Fellows for each of their presentations if you want to hear them talk about their project. The key to discussing the article about barriers and facilitators is to help the learners think through how the strategies used by the former Fellows might be used to address each of the barriers described.

Suggested Agenda

  • Welcome & Introductions (5 minutes)
  • Large group: introduction to the module + discussion of videos and readings (25 minutes)
  • Small group: break out exercise (15 minutes)
  • Large group: putting it all together (10 minutes)

Small Group Exercise

Divide the class into 2-3 groups of 2-3 individuals in a group. Assign each group one of the three “Less is More” articles listed above under “Additional Resources.” Ask them to skip the background and go directly to the “Implementation Blueprint” section of the article and answer the following questions:

  • Which of the strategies described in this implementation blueprint would require or be more effective if a clinical value champion was the person implementing the strategy?
  • Why do you think this particular combination of strategies was chosen, and are there any similarities to the combinations of strategies used by the value champions in the Fellowship program you discussed earlier during the class?
  • What strategy might be useful that is not described in this blueprint?

Reconvene: Ask each small group to name at least one strategy described in their assignment that is similar to a strategy used by one of the RWJF clinical value champions, and one strategy that they think might have been used but was not mentioned.

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