Table of Contents

Module 1: High Value Care and Health Equity

Understanding the intersection between “value” and “equity” can inform conversations between value champions, leadership and stakeholders and inform early project planning activities. 

Module 2: Engaging Leadership for High Value Care

This module provides participants with an overview of how to engage leadership throughout the project and provides practical tips on how to create and sustain this engagement.

Module 3: So Many to Consider: Choosing an Overused Service

Overuse of low-value care is common and selecting a target area of overuse requires careful consideration of multiple factors that will impact subsequent success.

Module 4: How to Conduct a Stakeholder Assessment and Why it Is Important

As a value champion it is important to identify stakeholders who will be impacted by efforts to reduce the use of a service and approaches to engage them.

Module 5: The patient voice: engaging patient participation in your project

This module helps participants understand why incorporating the patient voice is important and provides examples of how to do so when addressing an overused service.

Module 6: Measurement, data and trust: Supporting change with data

This module discusses common challenges and a range of solutions for collecting and reporting overuse data when taking action on overuse.

Module 7: Engaging health care professionals: the Taking Action on Overuse Change Package

The Taking Action on Overuse framework provides a roadmap for action and is accompanied by a change package with suggested key activities to select from when designing an intervention.

Module 8: Strategies Employed by Value Champions

This module provides examples of intervention strategies used by other clinical value champions in their setting to engage providers, staff, and patients in changing their behaviors.

Module 9: Choice Architecture and Overuse Reduction

This module helps participants understand how concepts from the field of behavioral economics can be applied to their overuse reduction initiative.

Module 10: Planning for Sustainment

An understanding of how value champions they can incorporate plans for sustainment into every aspect of their overuse reduction initiative is provided in this module.

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