Facilitator's Guide

Rationale for this Module

The purpose of this module is to help value champion fellows think about what strategies they will employ early and throughout their overuse reduction initiative to sustain any reductions they achieve. Although they may initially be overwhelmed and worried about achieving any reduction in their targeted area of overuse, planning early for sustainability is critical. The readings provide two examples of overuse reduction QI projects for them to read and reflect on what aspects of the QI strategies employed might have resulted in the sustained reduction in the targeted services.     This will provide the group with an overview of current knowledge and a conceptual framework for thinking about sustainability of their initiative. One of the discussion questions asks them to consider what characteristics of their inner setting might contribute sustainability and what practical steps might they take to reinforce those inner setting factors.

How to Prepare for this Module

Read the assigned readings and watching the Rachel Shelton video while making notes about where in the readings and the videos you find passages relevant to the discussion questions. Review the probes for discussion questions below and think about where during the discussion you might use these questions to prompt more discussion. You might also consider having the Rachel Shelton video ‘teed up’ so that you can play it again during the class to prompt more discussion. For discussion Question #3 above, consider keeping a list of responses to the question for the class to see and keep track of. Critical to the Small Group Exercise is to have the learners complete the Clinical Sustainability Assessment Tool BEFORE the class session. So you might want to include that as “Required Reading” ahead of the class just to remind them.

Suggested Agenda

  • Welcome and Overview: (5 minutes)
  • Discussion of Required Readings and Video (25 minutes)
  • Small Group Exercise (20 minutes)
  • Reconvene and Wrap Up (10 minutes)

Small Group Exercise

Prior to the class/group meeting, ask each Fellow to complete the “Clinical Sustainability Assessment Tool” for their overuse reduction project. Divide the class into pairs or small groups of 3-4 learners. Ask each group to answer the following questions and then reconvene for 5-10 minutes for each group to report out the results of their discussion:

  • Based on the results of your assessment, what approaches, or strategies might you use to increase the likelihood of sustainability? (If you need ideas about activities, refer to the Taking Action on Overuse Change Package.)
  • What is common when you compare the results of your assessment with your colleague and what is different? Why?
  • Do you think it might be important to reassess sustainability at a later point in your project and why?

Reconvene & Warp Up

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