Authors: Elizabeth Vossenkemper & Kathy Reims

Elizabeth Vossenkemper

Elizabeth was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, where she completed both her undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Her professional nursing experience includes the neonatal intensive care unit, the pediatric intensive care unit, cardiology, school-based nursing and most recently, primary pediatric care. In 2017 she moved to Washington state for her first position as a pediatric nurse practitioner. She currently works with Tri-Cities Community Health, an FQHC, in Pasco, Washington. Her most recent contributions to her community include developing and running a small autism clinic within her primary care practice, serving on multiple quality improvement projects, including practice transformation strategies, increasing immunization rates and various committees that are committed to accurate data reporting for quality metrics. Ms. Vossenkemer is an advocate for excellent pediatric care across all service lines that come into contact with children, and often offers lectures/presentations to her peers on evidence-based medicine in pediatrics. She has the drive and desire to play an active role in the health journey of the children in her community and welcomes the challenges that her particular patient population faces.

Kathy Reims

Dr. Kathleen Reims is a board-certified family medicine physician who is a Principal of CSI Solutions, LLC, and its Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Reims received her MD degree from Baylor College of Medicine and completed her family medicine residency at Roanoke Memorial Hospital. Dr. Reims was a National Health Service Corps Scholar and has over 30 years of clinical experience with underserved populations. She has served as medical director for two Federally Qualified Health Centers and is an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Dr. Reims has served as an advisor for numerous health system improvement projects and has a strong interest in patient engagement. She is a member of MINT and has been a volunteer preceptor for the UCHSC FM Residency Program for 15 years.

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