Discussion Questions

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  1. How would you define “choice architecture” in your clinical setting? What are the 3 major implications of adopting that definition when you engage with stakeholders about reducing overuse?
  2. In Thaler et al, the authors make a distinction between choices based on the size and complexity (small, well understood alternatives vs larger, more complex alternatives). How and to what extent do you think distinction applies to efforts to reduce overuse in your clinical setting?
  3. How would define a behavioral economics “nudge”, as described by Thaler et al and Patel et al? Based on that definition, describe a nudge that you have used, or have been subjected, in your clinical setting.
  4. In Patel et al, the authors demonstrate an approach called an “intervention ladder”. How might this approach apply to your clinical context? What components of the approach are applicable for creating an intervention to address your overuse topic?
  5. In Navathe et al, the authors identify 3 common challenges that leaders face when seeking to implement nudge interventions among clinicians. Can you give at least 1-2 examples from your experience for each of these challenges?
  6. Can you give at least one example of how you might use one of the solutions identified by Navathe et al to overcome potential resistance to your overuse reduction intervention in your clinical setting?

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