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Week Forum Description Discussions
Week 1 1/4-1/10 Role of Sonography in Obstetrics Week 1 Forum/Discussion Board

Participation is a large portion of your grade during this course. Studies have shown that peer to peer education and student lead education leads to higher retention rates, than expert or Teacher driven discussions.

Therefore, every week each of you will be responsible for Posting your own ...

Week Two 1/11-1/17 Fertilization and The Use of Ultrasound in the First Trimester Week 2 DB: Conception/Fertilization and 1st Trimester Scanning

This is the thread for both discussions with your peers this week.

Week Three 1/18-1/24 The Fetal Environment: Umb. Cord, Placenta, and Amniotic Fluid Assessments Week Three Discussion Boards

Here are the two discussion board ideas for this week. 

Week Four 1/25-1/31 2nd Trimester Evaluation & Biochemical Assessment/Screening Tests Week 4: 2nd Trimester: Forum/Discussion Board

Structuring your Anatomy Scan

Week Five 2/1- 2/7 Fetal Thorax Week 5: Forum/Discussion Board

There is a ton of information we have to ingest this week....and we will continue to build on this knowledge, so try not to become too overwhelmed....Having said this, don't be afraid to seek out other websites, references, or ideas to help your classmates understand this tough subject!

Week Six 2/8-2/14 Fetal Head and Face Week 6: Forum/Discussion Board

This is an area that even the smallest defect may have a very large impact...lets reflect and think about this...

Week Eight 2/22-2/28 Fetal Abdomen and Urogenital Structures Week 8: Forum/Discussion Board

Genitourinary and Abdominal Systems

Week Nine 3/1-3/7 Fetal Skeletal System Week 9: Forum/Discussion Board

The fetal Skeletal System.

Week Ten 3/8-3/14 Week 10 Forum/Discussion Board: Multiple Gestations Twinning!!

 Here are ideas to ponder this week. 

Week Eleven 3/15-3/21 Week 11 Discussion Board

We have two discussion boards this week....working through the ideas of our new knowledge on 3rd trimester sonography as well as a thread dedicated to addressing items still bouncing around in our heads not being very clear.